Parish Religious Education Program

Kindergarten through Grade 8


It is our mission to provide an atmosphere of learning by fostering a spirit of peace, joy, love, unity, communication, cooperation and service. We will always do everything in our power to make the practice of our faith a joyful experience for our youth. Our mission under the Diocese of Scranton, in union with our Holy Father, the Pope, is to bring the Good New of the Gospel to all in the every-changing needs of the people we serve, through prayer, by faithful catechesis, encouraging a life of faith, and developing leadership expressed in service to others.


The PREP Program offers preparation for the Sacraments of Initiation which are a parish event: Penance, Communion and Confirmation. The children in the PREP Program and those children attending St. John Neumann Regional Academy celebrate sacraments together as a parish. Parent meetings, retreats, rehearsals and the sacramental celebration themselves are coordinated parish activities.


Registration for PREP takes place at the end of each May and again at the beginning of each September. The family information including phone numbers and E-mail addresses, need to be updated before the starting of the PREP year. PREP classes run from September to May each year and registration is necessary so that materials may be ordered for each child.


Dedicated, faithful, and patient volunteers are always needed to assist with the PREP program. If you are willing to commit several hours each week to serve in this program, contact Dianne Fisher.


Combined PREP Program of St. Boniface and St. Lawrence Parish –  Time 10:45 to 11:45am

Held at St. Lawrence Parish Center (the old parish Rectory) behind St. Lawrence Church in South Williamsport which is on Winthrop Street and Central Avenue.

Witness With Joy - We reject him too many times, we prefer to remain closed in our errors and the anxiety of our sins. But Jesus does not desist and never ceases to offer himself and his grace which saves us!… When we remain closed in on ourselves, we often cannot fully receive God’s mercy. Consider the ways in which anxiety for your sins and anxiety in general close you in on yourself and block the work of God’s mercy in your life. What’s one way you can lay aside anxiety this week so that you can be a witness to others?  A Year of Mercy With Pope Francis

CONFIRMATION DATE for those who completed 8th grade is Monday, October 16, 2017 at 5pm at St. Boniface Church – Confirmation Candidates need to be at the church by 4:15pm. And the Confirmation REHEARSAL DATE – is Sunday, October 15th at 2pm in the St. Boniface Church with your sponsor.  This will be the only rehearsal – thank you for making every effort to be there.

Confirmation Sponsor - Those entering 8th grade 2017-18 now is the time for each student that is preparing for Confirmation after completing the 2nd year of the program, to choose a sponsor. Your sponsor should be a practicing Catholic. Don’t forget to consider your baptismal godparents. When you have several people in mind, it would be a good idea to discuss the candidates with your parents. When you have made your choice ask that person to be your Confirmation sponsor, please complete this by September 2017 as the Sponsor will be invited to support you on your journey.

St. Boniface and St. Lawrence Parish Religious Education Program will provide youth faith formation from Kindergarten through and including 8th grade. The program includes faith formation sacrament program: First Penance / First Communion for those entering 2nd grade and Confirmation for those entering 8th grade.  The sacrament program is a two year program starting in 1st grade for First Penance / First Communion and 7th grade for Confirmation.

The Role of the Catechists –  the St. Boniface / St. Lawrence Parish Religious Education Program is so blessed to have adult men and women answering the need to be catechists, that is to guide children, youth, and adults in their journeys of faith. Passing on the teachings of our Church as found in the Creed, which we recite at every Mass, “We Believe…” Each of us is called to share our faith, to be witnesses to what “We Believe…” call me if you can assist with this ministry, Dianne Fisher 570-322-3278 or E-mail  I welcome your volunteering in any way that you can.

PREP KINDERGARTEN - It’s time to register for PREP Kindergarten so material can be ordered.  See PREP Family Registration.

YOU are needed to help take care of PREP Center – Creating a Volunteer Helper List – can you be part of this.  The PREP Building will need cleaned and set-up before the PREP Season starts again in 2017-2018.  Please call me if you can help clean walls, windows, bathrooms, classrooms as I make a work list.  We will begin this work late August and I will keep this to the weekends.  My husband and I have done this in the past, but I now need more help than just the two of us.   E-mail me, Dianne Fisher at or call me 570-322-3278, today to plan for next PREP Season.  Thank you to those that have contacted me.

PREP QUESTIONS / CONCERNS – contact Dianne Fisher, Director of Religion, phone 570.322-3278 or E-mail at

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