St. Boniface and St. Lawrence Parishes
Director of Religious Education
Job Description

The position of Director of Religious Education (DRE) is a Part Time position (which could be expanded to Full Time based on capacity). The Director of Religious Education must be a practicing Catholic, in good standing with the Church. Additionally, he/she is a person of prayer who is committed to the authentic teaching of the Catholic faith.

The Director of Religious Education reports directly to the pastor. As a member of the parish staff, the Director of Religious Education works with other staff members to foster and maintain a working environment where worship, prayer, hospitality and learning are the primary motivators.

The Director of Religious Education is a professional catechetical leader who assists adolescents/children of the parish in their faith formation. (This may be expanded to also address adults.)  This post serves two linked parishes totaling 800 families in Williamsport PA.

The responsibilities of the Director of Religious Education include, but are not limited to:

  • To administer (design, develop, direct, communicate and evaluate) the Parish Religious Education Program for the approximately 200 parish children who attend public or non-Catholic private schools. He/She: oversees the development of the Parish Religious Education Program from Grade Level K through Grade Level 8, in conformity with the guidelines of the Diocese of Scranton.

  • This shall include but not be limited to:

1. schedules faith formation opportunities for children and parents within the Religious Education Program calendar
2. researches and requisitions resources (AV, textbooks, liturgy materials, reference works, etc.) which complement the religious education efforts
3. ensures that the Safe Environment requirements, policies, and mandates for Parish Religious Education volunteers are in compliance with the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People) and each year it is taught in classrooms as designated by the Diocese of Scranton
4. obtains approval and support from the pastor and provides regular updates
5. updates the Parish Religious Education Program handbook for catechists and the Parish Religious Education handbook for parents on an annual basis
6. encourages Parish Religious Education catechists to obtain Catechetical Certification through the Office for Catechetical Formation
7. provides ongoing professional training and spiritual development for the Parish Religious Education catechists
8. attends the regularly scheduled Directors of Religious Education Diocesan meetings sponsored by the Diocese.
9. Creates and manages budget for all expenses following the budgetary procedures as set by the pastor, parish finance committee and/or parish business manager.
10. Oversees the sacramental preparation of parish school-age candidates who attend the Parish Religious Education Program or Catholic schools.
11. Coordinates the sacramental meetings for parents of school-age candidates for First Penance, First Holy Communion and Confirmation
12. Coordinates any retreats for students preparing for First Communion and Confirmation
13. Prepares the liturgy with the pastor for First Penance, First Holy Communion and Confirmation
14. Coordinates Advent and Lenten Penance services with the opportunity for individual confessions for Parish Religious Education children
15. Oversees catechetical needs for older baptized Catholic children or teens who seek reception of First Penance, First Holy Communion and/or Confirmation at a later, nontraditional time.
16. Additional responsibilities could include:
17. Liturgy of the Word for Children – coordinate adult teams for Sunday Liturgy
18. Vacation Bible School/Camp
19. Ex officio member/staff of the Parish Pastoral Council, at the pastor’s request
20. Parish Liaison to Catholic schools (Sacrament coordination)
21. Children with special needs
22. Baptism prep for parents
23. Bible Study/Adult Ed – assist

  • Skills and Qualifications :

Bachelors/Master’s degree in related field and/or extensive experience in Faith Formation. Computer literate especially in Microsoft Office. Willingness to learn Parish Data System and various Apps like Sign up Genius and Remind. Excellent language and communication skills required. Able to address groups of children and adults in public speaking. Able to provide current State and Diocesan clearances. Able to manage self with tasks with minimum supervision. Must be able to self-ambulate up and down stairs, and lift up to 25 pounds.


Qualified candidates should email a cover letter with resume to Christine Dell, by April 30.
(Rev. 3/6/19)


Religious Education - PREP

2018/2019 PREP Registration Form is now available to download and submit!  


Parish Religious Education Program

2018-2019 School Year  -  Kindergarten through Grade 8


It is our mission to provide an atmosphere of learning by fostering a spirit of peace, joy, love, unity, communication, cooperation and service. We will always do everything in our power to make the practice of our faith a joyful experience for our youth. Our mission under the Diocese of Scranton, in union with our Holy Father, the Pope, is to bring the Good News of the Gospel to all in the ever-changing needs of the people we serve, through prayer, by faithful catechesis, encouraging a life of faith, and developing leadership expressed in service to others.


PREP- Parish Religious Education Program is a joint ministry of both St. Boniface and St. Lawrence parishes.  The parishes provide a program for youth from Kindergarten through 8th grade. 

The PREP program also provides preparation for the sacraments of Reconciliation, and First Eucharist, which traditionally is celebrated while youth are in 2nd grade.  In ordinary circumstances, children enter a sacramental preparation for Reconciliation and First Holy Communion after a period of at least a year of catechetical preparation through the parish religious education program or Catholic School.   

The PREP program also provides preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation, which traditionally is received at the end of the 8th Grade.  In ordinary circumstances, youth are admitted to sacramental preparation for a period of two years (7th and 8th Grade) through the parish religious education program, or Catholic School.


Registration takes place in August and classes start in September and run through April.  Classes are 9:00 to 10:00 AM on Sunday mornings at the St. Lawrence Parish Center on Winthrop Street in South Williamsport, behind the St. Lawrence Church.  Family Registration Form, PREP Calendar, and PREP Family Handbook can be downloaded and printed for your use. Please make sure they are for the current year.  The family information including emergency contact information, phone numbers and E-mail addresses, need to be updated yearly before the starting of the PREP year.  


Catechist volunteers are always welcome! To volunteer, Virtus training as well as other clearances and requirements from the Diocese and state must be obtained. Any Catholic in good standing that has a desire to educate is welcome. Teachers can also co-teach and/or share their classroom with a second instructor if desired. Dedicated, faithful, and patient volunteers are always needed to assist with the PREP program. If you are willing to commit several hours each week to serve in this program, contact Dianne Fisher.

CONFIRMATION DATE for those who just completed 8th grade, entering into 9th grade is Tuesday September 18, 2018 at 5pm at St. Boniface Church – Confirmation Candidates need to be at the church by 4:00pm. And the Confirmation REHEARSAL DATE – is Sunday, September 16th at 2pm in the St. Boniface Church with your sponsor.  This will be the only rehearsal – thank you for making every effort to be there.

Confirmation Sponsor - Those entering 8th grade 2018-2019 now is the time for each student to choose a sponsor. Your sponsor should be a practicing Catholic. Don’t forget to consider your baptismal godparents. When you have made your choice ask that person to be your Confirmation Sponsor, please complete this by September 2018 as the Sponsor will be invited to support you on your journey.

YOUR HELP is needed to take care of PREP Center – Creating a Volunteer Helper List – can you be part of this.  The PREP Building will need cleaned and set-up before the PREP Season starts again in 2018-2019, and after each Family Promise session.  Please call me if you can help clean windows, bathrooms, classrooms getting the building ready for use by our PREP program.  E-mail me, Dianne Fisher at or call me 570-322-3278.  Thank you to those that have contacted me.

PREP QUESTIONS / CONCERNS – contact Dianne Fisher, Director of Religion, phone 570.322-3278 or E-mail at

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