April 7, 2019

Take Advantage of the Last Chances.

Last weekend we had a retreat for the Confirmation candidates. The Confession discussions were candid and thoughtful. I think some were surprised that it could be so calm and refreshing. We have 2 more opportunities for Keep The Light On.  

They are normally uncrowded, allowing time to talk. Moreover, the time is convenient ...from 5:30 to 7pm.  

I promise I won't faint if you say Bless me Father it's been 3 years...

In addition, our Contemporary Music Choir is performing a Lenten Concert on SUNDAY, APRIL 14 (next weekend) at 3pm. You raved about the Christmas Concert!  

It's open to anyone from outside our parishes and may be a good way of getting someone back who has faded away. Invite them.  


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