Adult Faith Life

Posted on July 25, 2022 in: General News

For many of us we learned about our faith first and foremost from our parents. They taught us around the dinner table and at bedtime with our nighttime prayers. Sunday Mass was mandatory and every other activity came after that! Unfortunately, too many people today think the Catholic schools or the PREP programs are enough, that sports and entertainment hold a priority over Church. These parents are negligent in their responsibility to practice and raise their children in the faith. For the rest of us, many stopped learning about our faith (spiritual life) after we made our confirmation. That means that far too many of us have only a sixth or seventh grade understanding of what our own Catholic faith. Think about picking up a spiritual book, attending an adult bible class, listening to a podcast on Formed©, or even email us with a question. In the fall, we hope to introduce another way for adults to learn more about their faith. Stay tuned!

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