Pastor's Corner: January 8

Posted on January 07, 2023 in: Pastor's Corner

I know the print’s small, the numbers might be hard to read, and those financial pages in the bulletin don’t always offer exciting news: but, please take a good look at those financial trend reports. In light of Vision 2030, the Diocese wants us all—priests, parish leadership, the whole community—to be aware of the graces and challenges of being a parish today. Here you see the figures that talk about one piece of parish life—the money we’re given and the money we spend. All in all, for both St. Lawrence and St. Boniface these reports are good news! Note the gradual increase in income (and the largest and most important income source is always the collection because it comes from people who believe in the Church’s mission!). Not every parish community enjoys our stability. That’s thanks to your sacrifice and generosity.

Now, you can also see some increases in expenses. Things cost more. That’s just as much a reality for the Church as it is for you at home. Cutting costs takes some real attention and work and we will work at that. Two areas where I’d expect some questions. First, that whopping $420,399 in St. Boniface’s “Fundraising/Development”! That includes a number of items—normal fundraising like our carnival, generous bequests, and grant monies that paid for much needed improvements at the school (which, while used by St. John Neumann, remains parish property where we share responsibilities for the building’s upkeep and maintenance.) Secondly, the “Unpaid Obligations.” We actually don’t have any. But, there was some overlap between 2021 and 2022—the over in 2021 cancels out the under in 2022. We pay our bills—again, not every parish can—but, we do. Once more, thanks for your generosity and sacrifice!

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