Sunday the 3rd at 3pm, we serenade Mary with classical songs of beauty and peace.

Our talented choir supplemented by some of the Williamsport Symphony will lift you up into prayerful moments that remembers her role. As a teenager, she said Yes to God's frightening request of her. Thereafter, she served as a disciple of the Saviour .

The Gospels remind us that she encouraged Jesus at his first miracle and she stood with him at the foot of the cross when the men had disappeared. Moreover, Mary was among the select few in the Upper Room when the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles.

Use this music as a means of meditating upon the action of God in your life. The Creator of you and I is asking us to be involved in the transformation of this world into the Kingdom of God.


We knew it would be quality but some of the audience was brought to tears. The repertoire stretched our expectations for vocal and instrumental beauty. Dr Boerckel and our Saturday choir were assisted by members of our Contemporary choir, Lycoming College and various members of the Williamsport Symphony. Attendees were highly varied and numbered 400 people. This was a golden moment for the family of St. Boniface and St. Lawrence. We hope to present more showcases of Catholic beauty that highlight our faith. I suspect Mary was smiling.

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