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Sunday morning PREP classes will temporarily be suspended for the month of December due to the rising number of COVID cases in the schools and in our parishes. Religious instruction will continue at home each week on Edmodo, our new online learning platform. Parents, watch your email for details.

 What will we be doing in the meantime?

  • Our catechists will continue to provide religious education and support through Edmodo, our new online learning platform. (Please check your email for messages regarding our shift to remote at-home instruction.)
  • We will re-evaluate the situation in the new year and keep you posted on when students will safely be able to return to classes. What can parents do to help with this transition?
  • Make sure that you have signed up for Edmodo. That is where we will post class instruction and communications. An attachment with directions to sign up was sent to your email.
  • Pick up your student’s book at St Boniface Church narthex which is open weekdays from 7 AM to 4:30 PM (Door by rectory), and on weekends at Mass times.
  • Watch for Edmodo email notifications that your child’s catechist has posted a new lesson and help your child work through that lesson.
  • Parents, we need you to make this work! Please contact your child’s catechist or Karen Balestino if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help.


It’s not too late to dig out the Advent wreaths and calendars or consider purchasing some to mark the countdown to Christmas. Children of all ages really love having an opportunity to light or blow out the candles on the wreath or open another window on the Advent calendar as you gather together for the evening meal to say a prayer in preparation of the birth of Our Savior. Prayer time can be as easy as saying “Come, Lord Jesus, come” followed by a song such as “O Come O Come Emmanuel” or a Christmas carol. Or it can be older children reading a passage from the Bible that tells of the coming of Jesus. There is a wealth of information on the Internet. Check out the websites below to get started. Take some time this Advent to spiritually prepare together as a family for Christmas. You will be glad you did.

  • Resources for blessing your Advent wreath and praying together BLESSING
  • 12 Advent prayers to share with your family ADVENT PRAYERS
  • Jesse Tree images and readings JESSE TREE
  • Great Advent ideas for Catholic families ADVENT IDEAS


Thanksgiving is a wonderful day to show our gratitude to God for all our blessings, but let’s not stop there. During this time of uncertainty, we all need to focus on what we are grateful for each and every day. When you gather as a family, talk about all the little things each of you are thankful for that happened during that day. You may want to consider writing them down so you have a record of the blessings your family receives on a daily basis. Once you begin this practice, you and your children will be amazed at how many good, life-giving and joyful things have happened. And don’t forget to end your recollections of blessings with a prayer of gratitude to God.


During this season of thanks, I am deeply grateful to all the people who are an integral part of our Parish Religious Education Program (PREP Team). This year in particular, these volunteers have gone above and beyond to share their faith with our students both in and outside the classroom. Others have assisted in developing and executing safety procedures to ensure that our students are safe during class time, as well as when they enter and exit the building. I could not have done all this without the ongoing help of these folks. It takes a team. Please join me in thanking them when you see them. Many thanks to:

  • Kindergarten Chelsee Cowden
  • K Youth Aide Chase Cowden
  • Grade 1 Heather Kriner
  • Gr 1 Youth Aide Brendan Kriner
  • Grade 2 Jillian MacInnis
  • Gr 2 Aide Jennifer Hubler
  • Grade 3 Hannah Bower
  • Grade 4 Karen Rider
  • Grade 5 Jennifer Dincher
  • Grade 6 Laura Dussinger
  • Grade 7 Arnie Betts
  • Grade 8 Greg Deck
  • Aide Sabrina Montoya
  • DRE Assistant and Substitute - Sue McCusker
  • Safety Directors - Chris Kriner, Butch McCusker
  • Substitute Catechists - Dianne Fisher, Ray Fischer, Sharon Faust, Sally Hilsher, Tina Pulver


Interested in finding out more about the names and background on parts of our churches as well as meanings and uses of sacred vessels?  Want to know about what a priest wears for Mass?  Take this 30-minute virtual tour with Father Bill.  Originally created for our 2nd grade First Communion class, this video is great for children of all ages and their parents.



Karen Balestino
Director of Religious Education
Parish Families of St. Boniface and St. Lawrence