Activities Association

The Saint Boniface Activities Association was formed in the early 1970’s. The mission of the organization is to provide activities to build a sense of community while raising money to help support the church financially.

Currently, the Activities Association turns over $45,000 to the church annually.  We raise the money by having several fundraisers throughout the year.  Our main fundraiser is the annual church carnival which is always held the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday after Labor Day. This past year the carnival celebrated its 50th year. This fundraiser usually nets us between $35-$40,000.  In addition to the monthly stipend, we have contributed to different building projects over the years.  Such as helping put the addition on the school kitchen, roof repairs, and kitchen necessities.  Our other annual fundraisers include a Longaberger Basket Bingo, Ash Wednesday Fish Dinner, Turkey Raffle and a 300 club.  The 300 club consists of our members selling tickets for $10/each.  After the tickets are sold, the committee will have a drawing for five consecutive weeks.  If your lucky number is pulled, you are awarded a monetary prize of anywhere from100. 

We are looking for people that would be interested in selling tickets for this fundraiser or volunteering at any of the various functions.  These activities would not be successful if not for the many volunteers and donations from our church and community.   You do not need any special talents to volunteer and are not required to attend the monthly meetings to volunteer your time.

Just contact any of the numbers below with questions and we will be happy to let you know how you can help.  Get involved, have fun, revitalize our parish!

2018 Activities President - Lenny Deitrick 570-772-0722

Annual Carnival

Lenny Deitrick 570-772-0722
Fred Wheeler 570-772-5331
Mark Marinucci 570-326-3964

Longaberger Basket Bingo

Lorrie Flood 570-433-4464

Turkey Raffle

Lenny Deitrick 570-772-0722
Sharon Clapper 570-220-4611

300 Club

Paul Beiter 570-326-0788

Fish Dinner

Activities Committee

Other Activities Members

Pat and Jack Chesnut 570-419-1903
Mike Dzikowski 570-419-8265
Bob Perry 570-322-1165
Rick March 570-560-0745