Activities Association

The present Saint Lawrence Parish Activity Committee was formed in January of 2016. The committee was given a generous donation, by an anonymous donor, of $2,500.00 to begin its ministry.  The mission of the organization was to bring life to the parish through planned activities. We attempted to provide activities that would help parish members feel connected to others their age, to their pastor / and ministers of the parish, and to their families.  We wanted our activities to help our parish members see how living the gospel would bring joy into their lives.

We also began to focus on raising money to be used by the parish for necessary upkeep and maintenance of the St. Lawrence Parish.  In the first year we pledged only to give $1,000.00 and have increased that amount with every fundraiser we could provide. Our fundraisers have been many, from Easter Pie Sale, Spring Rummage Sale, Sunday Breakfast, Mummers Parade Food Tent, and most recent creating a parish cookbook.

The PAC has tried to reach out through family/youth activities by providing an annual Parish Picnic and the Celebration of our St. Lawrence Feast Day, Family/Youth Easter Egg Hunt, Winter Youth Activities.

The PAC members have set-up dates for Cleaning of the Parish Hall, supported a Christmas Giving Tree, sale of Christmas Poinsettia Plants in Memory of members of our parish families, speakers at Lenten Programs, supporting a Food Pantry at SJTW Parish and Messiah Lutheran Church, providing a Book of Prayer Intention, setting up a book shelf for a Christian Book Swap, encouraging young and old to read and grow in their faith, and assisting in the changing of the church environment during the Christian Seasons.  Our Committee has stepped forward to offer recognition and celebration of parish family members, who were involved in parish ministries, and were leaving the area to start a new chapter in their lives.

This committee is very new, babies if you will in our ministry, but gigantic on commitment, vision and energy. God is working in us and through us, keeping us focused as we move into the next chapter of our blessed St. Lawrence Parish life. We could not continue in this ministry without the support of so many parish families, without support of our Pastors over the years, and without the blessing of God the Father and the presence of his son Jesus Christ.

The following are the present active members of the St. Lawrence PAC, however all members of the St. Lawrence Parish are members of this ministry.  Please stay involved, and have fun revitalizing the St. Lawrence Parish:

Lisa Anthony, Judy&Dan Campion, Sue Dinsmore, Joan Eastlake, Dianne Fisher, Laura&Bob Gilson, Sally Hilsher, Tom&Pat Kaczmarek, Janey&Mike Karney, Heather Kriner, Brendan Kriner, Diann Mason, Mary McCormick, Jack Peck and Kelly Wrightson