Parish Religious Education Program (PREP)

Kindergarten through Grade 8

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PREP Mission Statement

The St. Boniface/St. Lawrence Religious Education Program strives to provide children in kindergarten through grade 8 with the foundations of our Catholic faith as they begin their journey to “know, love, and serve the Lord.”

We support parents in their task of raising children in the faith.  We encourage family participation in the life of our Church through Mass and prayer within the parish community and in the home.

We advocate service to those in need in our local community and throughout the world as we follow Jesus’s example to “Love one another as I have loved you.”

About the program 

Parish Religious Education Program (PREP) is a joint ministry of The Parishes of St. Boniface and St. Lawrence for youth from kindergarten through 8th grade. We stress family participation in faith formation, prayer, and service as part of ongoing Catholic education.

We provide preparation for the sacraments of reconciliation, and First Holy Communion, which traditionally begins in first grade and is celebrated while children are in second grade. The PREP program also offers instruction for the sacrament of confirmation, beginning in seventh grade and receiving at the end of the eighth grade.  These sacramental programs include opportunities for parent involvement, retreats, and group service projects prior to the reception of the sacraments.

For those students older than second grade who have not been baptized or have not received the sacrament of reconciliation, First Holy Communion, or confirmation at the regular time, we offer one-on-one instruction in faith formation.

Karen Balestino
Director of Religious Education
Parish Families of St. Boniface and St. Lawrence

PREP activity photos
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