August 11, 2019

In the past, buffalo on the range were the survival and future of the Native Americans. Lately they have been saying that education is their new buffalo. Likewise, education is also our future as Catholic Christians. In the 70's parishes botched the training of youth in the ways of Jesus Christ. Thankfully, we have vastly improved religious education programs with more content. But now many families are struggling because of work or other demands.

Parents are the first teachers of the faith by their example. Offering grace before a meal, praying with the kids before they go to bed, reading a children's Bible story together and joining us regularly at Mass are crucial for setting a pattern for children. Dropping the kids off at PREP just isn't sufficient to have a lasting effect.

We need to create an environment where faith in Jesus is handed down daily to the next generation. We have something magnificent. Let’s not waste it.

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