August 18, 2019  Events in the world and the Church have pushed us to moments of despair.  That’s why the August 4th words of Pope Francis to priests struck me as relevant to all . . . “Thank you for the joy with which you have offered your lives, revealing a heart that over the years has refused to become closed and bitter, but has grown daily in love of God and his people.  A heart that, like good wine, has not turned sour, but becomes richer with age.

In effect, we show that we continue to believe in God, who has never broken his covenant, despite our having broken it countless times.  In this way, we celebrate the fidelity of God, who continues to trust us, to believe in us and to count on us, for all our sins and failings . . . Realizing that we hold this treasure in earthen vessels (2Cor4:7)”

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