Pastor's Corner: November 20

Posted on November 20, 2022 in: Pastor's Corner

A few weeks ago, I talked about listening to you, to your voices. But, we’re also called to listen to the silent moments. One of those silent moments happens around 3 p.m. on Saturday afternoons at St. Boniface. Confession time. The Saturdays I’ve been in that room, sometimes I’m alone for the whole time. Sometimes one, three, maybe four people come to the sacrament. What does that silence tell me? Not that sin has disappeared. Nor that God’s mercy has run out. It tells me we’re in that room at the wrong time. Some years ago, when this Diocese started the Lenten program for confessions—The Light Is On For You—priests and parishes discovered that people were happy to come to confession pretty much anytime other than Saturday afternoon because that moment doesn’t fit into your busy lives. But a late afternoon weekday often does. So, we’ve listened to your silence and here’s the response: Beginning next weekend, we’re moving St. Boniface confessions to Monday evenings, 5:30 to 7 p.m. We’ll include adoration of the Blessed Sacrament as part of the evening. The church will be open. Reconciliation will be available. Come and go as fits your schedule. Two final details: St. Lawrence confessions will remain on 1st Saturdays at 9 a.m. because that seems to work for everyone. If you need confession on Saturday before Mass, just ask us—we want to be here for you.

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