Let's Help the Y in July

Posted on July 14, 2023 in: Social Concerns

The YWCA is celebrating 130 years of service to the community. Their mission is “to empower those they serve, educate the community, and provide a safe haven for some of our most vulnerable community members.” Often those community members come to the Y with no more than the clothes on their backs and no financial resources to reestablish their lives.

The YWCA gives each new resident a “comfort” or welcome bag filled with items to make their new space feel welcoming and safe. Items include XL sheet sets, blankets, pillows, small rugs, towels, bathmats, shower and hygiene items, shower caddy, large reusable bags, backpacks, day planners, and pens *handwritten notes of encouragement.

Some of you may remember our churches helped with this mission last year. Together we were able to provide much-needed items that were used to fill many welcome bags. Knowing the need for donations is ongoing, we would like to “Help the Y in July“ again this year. We will be having two collection weekends, July 22-23 & July 29-30 to bring in donations. Collection baskets for your items will be in the back of the church. We thank you so much for your continued generosity in helping our most vulnerable community members

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