July 28, 2019

St. Lawrence Parish is doing some wonderful things in the next weeks.

On Sunday the 4th, they are hosting a picnic for both parishes at Southside's Park Complex

under one of the pavilions. Last year they invited St. Boniface parishioners to join. It

was a huge success when dozens schlepped across the bridge and partied together. I'll see

you there.

On Saturday the 10th, they observe their Feast. Make an effort to attend that special 5:30pm Mass and the wine/cheese party afterwards.

Lorenzo was executed in 258 AD in Rome 4 days after the Pope was killed by the Emperor. They tortured him to find chalices and golden candlesticks. Legend says he told them that the poor were the greatest treasure of the Church. Let's pray that we again make the poor our central focus.

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