We need your help! We are looking for retired parish members to help keep the inside of the church clean and presentable for the next liturgical activity, whether it’s weekend Mass, daily Mass, a funeral Mass, wedding or baptism. The work is presently done by only a small crew and we very much need more hands to help. The work is picking up forgotten items after Mass, putting Mass books back in the rack, cleaning the wood on the pews once a week. Presently we have a few men that run the sweeper each week and general cleaning, they also fix anything that is broke. We are looking for more help that can dust, pick up and straighten up, keep the altar looking visual presentable, clean finger prints off glass, etc. If you can help once a week or once a month, that would be very much appreciated. Please contact Jack Peck 570-323-1708 or Dianne Fisher 570-322-3278.

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