Family Promise

Posted on April 21, 2020 in: Social Concerns

“So many things have been suspended because of COVID-19, but what hasn’t been suspended is homelessness itself.” Claas Ehlers, Family Promise CEO.

Much like every other organization during this pandemic, Family Promise has changed the way they are able to care for homeless families. While the strength of Family Promise was the many people driven by their faith and compassion to show up with food and hospitality to aid a homeless family, the proximity of caring people causes undeniable risk to the health of our entire community at this time. Our parish is scheduled for the week of May 3-10, but currently there are no families moving from church to church. But there is still a need for assistance. Because of COVID-19 there is a moratorium on evictions, but homeless families sheltering in hotels can still be kicked out. More creative efforts are being made to help families shelter in place. Family Promise is assisting with rent, their food pantry has been exhausted. The leadership of Family Promise is considering how they can best move forward, and they ask for your prayers for guidance.

*There is a dire need for assistance to Family Promise (FP) to cover lodging and food for families in need. Some families are sheltering in hotels because they cannot find housing or stay with FP right now. Monetary donations could be sent to the St. Boniface office*. Make checks payable to - St. Boniface and on the check memo line write: Family Promise.  

Thank you for your support and generosity.

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