Mass Intentions

Posted on May 25, 2020 in: General News

May 26: St. Lawrence 7am - Charles F. Horn, Sr. by family;

May 27: St. Boniface 8am - Mary Lou Beiter by Paul Beiter;

May 28: St. Boniface 5:30pm - Special Intention;

May 29: St. Boniface 8am - Joanne E. Carson by Estate of William R. Saar, Sr.;

May 30: St. Boniface 4pm - James Eiswerth by Elaine and Keith Harvey;

May 30: St. Lawrence 5:30pm - Marty Snella by family;

May 31: St. Lawrence 8am - Helen Keller by family;

May 31: St. Boniface 10:30am - Kenneth & Jeanette Konkle by Ron and Carol Konkle;

June 1: St. Lawrence 7am - Rodney ‘Radar” Maneval by Kathy Crosby;

June 2: St. Lawrence 7am- Tarcila R. Acosta by Larry and Susana Falck;

June 3: St. Boniface 8am - Bernard Haas by Jean Haas & family;

June 5: St. Boniface 8am - Ken Olzewski by Jean Deitrick;

June 6: St. Boniface 4pm - Deceased members of the Stopper Family by Cora Kozen;

June 6: St. Lawrence 5:30pm- Joey Caschera by Miller family;

June 7: St. Lawrence 8am - Rodney ‘Radar’ Maneval by a friend;

June 7: St. Boniface 9:30am - -Brandon Schumaker by Eric and Eileen Endresen;

June 8: St. Lawrence 7am – Walter Lechniak by the family

St. Boniface Altar Flowers June 6th In Memory of the deceased members of the Stopper family by Cora Kozen

Sanctuary Candle June 7th – 13th burns In Memory of Leonard & Esther Dincher by Jean Deitrick


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