What lessons/trends have we learned from this for the future of the parishes?

  • Electronic - we need to offer more digital options for people, whether it be homilies or Religious Education.
  • Home Bound/Nursing Homes - our outreach needs to extend beyond Eucharistic Ministers.
  • Local agencies - volunteerism and financial aid should go to more nonprofits like Food Bank, Sojourner Truth and Family Promise.
  • Support Groups - should expand beyond Women’s Book Club to encompass others like young parents, the grieving, etc.
  • Quiet Prayer - other forms are suggested like contemplative, Liturgy of Hours, musically guided.
  • Outreach by All Ages - actively suggesting a re-examination to people who have faded away
  • Engaging Teens - identifying and seeking involvement of teenage leaders

We cannot continue with a Sunday-only existence of our faith and expect anyone to be interested. It must extend itself to all, every day.

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