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Posted on August 26, 2021 in: General News

Our final two set-up nights will be Tuesday, September 7th & Wednesday, September 8th. This is the night where we place all the game stands where they need to go and finish up any last-minute details. Again, the more hands the lighter the load and faster we will be able to return home. 

WORKERS NEEDED--Workers are needed in all areas of the carnival. Please call any member listed below to volunteer or see a representative in the rear of the church. Fred/Deb Wheeler 570-220-2303 for game stands; Lenny Deitrick 570-772-0722 for kitchen help or overall carnival questions; Mark Marinucci 570-326-3964 for outside food stands; Judy Wagner 570-433-3751 for dining room.

DESSERTS FOR MEALS/BAKED GOODS--We will be serving our delicious homecooked meals made by our chef, Steve Orso, all three nights of the carnival. There will be sign-up sheets on the table in the back of church if you are interested in suppling pies or cakes to be used as desserts for the dinners. Please consider donating a dessert or two for any of the nightly dinners. If you are interested in making individually packaged items for the Bake Sale, please feel free to sign up for that as well. Any of this can be dropped off starting Thursday afternoon, September 9th in the school cafeteria. 

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