Important Parking Notice

Posted on May 01, 2022 in: General News

Please help us be considerate to our neighbors and businesses that surround our churches. Be mindful of the yellow no parking areas on the corners to prevent any accidents as well as the private parking lots that are reserved for business customers. Our neighbors in South Williamsport have witnessed near miss accidents on the corners of Winthrop Street and W. Central Ave. so it is safest to use the parking lot behind Blessed Beginnings Child Care (on W. Pheasant Alley) when possible. Our neighbors on Washington Blvd. have been patient with us during large gatherings, like the carnival, Christmas, and Easter Masses. As a general rule, avoid using the private parking lots of businesses on Washington Blvd. because the owners have the right to tow your vehicles. The Harmonia Club has always graciously provided their parking lot on Franklin and Ross Streets (behind St. Boniface Church) as an alternate parking area. Let’s show our respect and appreciation for our neighbors in both communities! Thank you for your cooperation.

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